The Beginning of an Aira

Aira was built in the hopes to show others how to take a step back from the pressures of day to day life and simply take a moment. 

We combine high quality self care products and feel-good experiences, with therapeutic strategies to improve self-regulation and well-being. 


We give access to high quality, clean and intentional products that tie to a higher sentiment. Our personal care products are curated with you in mind - consciously formulated, small batch, ethically sourced and hand made in Canada.


Self-care is easier said than done and there are many layers. We are not providing mental health services or stating any medical claims. Although we support and come from the mental health industry, our goal is to build a community, inspire, connect and encourage people to manage emotions in a healthy way.


A percentage of our profits go to charitable organizations that share our mission; to promote the advancement of mental health services and the prevention of mental illness. With this initiative, we hope to continuously contribute to making a change and will continue to do so as we grow.

Send us an email if you have any questions about our brand, products, wholesale, media inquiries and partnerships. You name it - we want to hear from you.