1. Routine

The Stillness Kit is the ultimate nighttime routine that encourages you to practice winding down before bed to enhance sleep. Good routines are so powerful because they influence our mood, which becomes the filter through which we experience life. Maybe your current routine involves late night texting or watching Netflix, which can interfere with your ability to fall asleep. The Stillness kit helps you to disconnect from external influences by introducing you to healthy behaviours that leave you feeling good and fosters inner connection.

     2. Aromatherapy

Scents have a powerful effect on our sleep patterns. That’s why the Stillness collection uses high grade essential oils and was carefully curated with lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla to help foster healthy sleep patterns. Research demonstrates that lavender essential oil helps to calm the central nervous system, which improves the quality of sleep and allows you to wake up feeling rejuvenated. Sandalwood essential oil has sedative effects and helps to foster REM sleep. This is particularly helpful for people that struggle with insomnia or wakefulness throughout the night. Vanilla also has been proven to be a powerful relaxant, which helps to calm the mind to fall asleep and stay asleep faster.

We like to start out this aromatherapy experience with a steamy bubble bath or shower using our multi-purpose soak. Click here to learn more about Release. 

  1. Tension Relief

 Massaging your body can help to reduce any pain and tension that has built up throughout the day. The Stillness Kit includes our unique multi-purpose candle, which can be used as an ambient candle or body oil. Once the candle has been lit, the warm oil can be poured onto the skin, as you give yourself a calming massage in your own space. This helps to relax the body, which helps people to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Click here to learn more about Moment. 

  1. Breathing Exercises

As you wind down, the Stillness kit experience introduces a guided breathing exercise to use in tandem with our Breathe Mist. This exercise helps to slow down your heart rate and practice mindfulness, as you focus solely on the breath. This helps to reduce stress, anxiety and improves sleep. Click here to learn more about Breathe. 

  1. Meditation

 The Stillness Kit comes with its own meditation playlist! Users can tune in with the QR code and access our carefully chosen meditations, thanks to our partnership with Aura. The playlist includes your choice of sleep stories, affirmation meditations, guided meditations, sleep sounds and body scan meditations. This helps people that are new to meditation experience different forms to find a few that they really enjoy! The benefits of meditation are simple – our minds are constantly running a mile a minute. Meditation helps to train your mind to focus on the present moment, which not only helps to improve your sleep, but helps in all facets of your life.

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