Life is a constant learning experience, in which you are presented with opportunities to learn. You may notice ongoing patterns or recurring situations that cause you feeling stuck or hopeless. However, the things that manifest as challenges or frustrations will continue to repeat until you see them and learn from them. This reflects how these lessons are specific to you. Thus, learning from them will ultimately help you to discover the fulfilling meaning and relevance to your life. 

It’s inevitable that things in life will not always go as planned. However, we must actively reflect to take accountability of our role in the situation. Instead of blaming external factors or other people, we must view these experiences as mirrors to ourselves. If we are open with ourselves, we can begin to view negative experiences as opportunities to heal our wounds. This shift can help us to view and accept others as they are, as we turn inward to truly understand an objective perspective of ourselves. This clarity helps you to recognize that when you are unable to support others, it is an indication that you are not adequately attending to your own needs. 

This demonstrates the power of self-awareness; we simply cannot change what we don’t know. This awareness is a liberating experience that helps you recognize the immense power you have within yourself. It is important to accept that you cannot be the victim of every circumstance; things happen to you because of how you are and what you do. When we blame others for our misfortunes, we are living in denial in an attempt to escape the truth. What you make of your life is up to you; take responsibility for yourself and accept the things that you cannot change. 

It’s important to maintain patience and compassion, as powerful and long-lasting change cannot happen overnight. Life is a process of trial and error. We will never be perfect beings. We don’t need to make this journey harder for ourselves by maintaining a self-critical and judgemental inner-voice. We must practice forgiveness and strengthen self-compassion, as we recognize that we did the best we could, with the information we had at the time. When we learn to be easier with ourselves, we can rationally reflect on our mistakes as lessons to be learned. This instils clarity, as you learn to trust your instincts and attend to your thoughts and feelings, as you navigate through life.