As a modern wellness company, we are on a mission to add simple things to your everyday that have intentional added benefit, be the source to learn, engage and be the place simply to check in with yourself.

We create moments that make you feel-good.

Our Journey

We are two best friends, neighbours and basically sisters with the drive to change the nature of self-care brands by encouraging people to cater to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

We both went through a period in our lives where we were emotionally disconnected, which led to a series of issues - surprise. We didn’t know how to cope with our uncomfortable feelings, so we turned to excessive partying and toxic relationships. This felt like such an isolating experience, yet we could see so many people around us going through similar challenges. We started to wonder - why does no one talk about this?

When we started spending time with ourselves and adding little things to our everyday that made us feel good, we noticed a domino effect in our lives. We got rid of toxic people, unhealthy habits and started understanding who we are. This wasn’t a big “aha” moment, it was educating ourselves on the things we could do to start feeling a bit better every day.

This was the beginning of an Aira. Inspired by the street we grew up on, Aira represents a safe space where we navigated through all of our highs and lows - the place where we continue to do all of our emotional growth. Aira was built in the hopes to show others how to take a step back from the pressures of day to day life and simply take a moment to connect with yourself.

We are not providing a service or solution. We just talk about the daily struggles, what its like and how to actually set goals in this space. We lead these conversations. There are so many types of goals - fitness, career, relationships and so on… what about emotional goals? These should come first.

We Get it.

As real people, life challenges are for real. Feeling stuck, bored, unmotivated, moody and crappy is normal. We’ve been through it, and we are not here to lecture or preach to you. We are here to create a space to help you feel a little bit better, every day.

No B.S

Everything at Aira is high quality, handmade, ethically and sustainably sourced, vegan, cruelty free and made in Canada with minimal ingredients. We have developed products that make you feel good about adding them to your daily routine.

Seriously, Do You.

This is your space. Soak it in and enjoy the intentional little additions we have made so you get the most out of it.

Emotional Health

We care about feelings. Your feelings. Let’s set emotional goals.